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Consulting Services

Guaranteed Success


Waste Water Systems

Inevitably  your waste has to go somewhere. If you are not on main sewer, then we can install systems according to planning requirements.

Final Landscaping

No new house can be complete without getting a final landscaping done. This can be as basic or as elaborate as you choose. We find it is of great help to have a plan of this at the start, so that it can be built in to the initial cost of the project.


Managing your build

We will set out a programme of management to ensure each stage of the build will run smoothly.

Reducing downtime is a priority in any self build project.

Organising trades and materials

This most important stage is to source reliable and competent tradesmen to carry out the work as efficiently and as cost effective as possible.

Also sourcing materials at the right price with deliveries on time.

Utilities Connections

Arranging connections to services such as BT, Electricity and Water is a very crucial stage. Making sure this is done well in advance is critical to ensure all services are live on site as early as possible.

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